The best 5 years

We recently retired.  It seems like we’ve worked forever, so retirement is a big change and a bit scary.

When I was 50, a wise friend asked “When are the best 5 years of the rest of your life?” The best 5 years of the rest of my life start today.  And now, years later, the best 5 years of the rest of our lives start today.

These are stories of how we spend our best 5 years.


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I enjoy travel, art, food, photography, nature, California native plants, history, and yoga. I am a retired software engineer. The gravatar is a Nuttall's woodpecker that visited our backyard.

3 thoughts on “The best 5 years”

  1. Just received the link to your blog from Betty after she described it this morning at coffee. Sounded interesting and after reading a couple entries I can see that it is. The photos are very good and the narratives are succinct and interesting. I enrolled to follow your updates.

    I’ve read a few months so far, starting with the first ones in 2011. I like the premise “the best 5 years.” Interesting coincidence for me joining now is that the blog has almost completed the first 5 of the best 5 years. Looking forward to the years to come.


    1. Thank you, Bruce. We hadn’t realized that we’re nearing the 5-year mark. Reviewing our photos and trying to explain them help us remember and cherish our experiences. We generally travel independently, so we get to enjoy our trips three times: research and planning, taking the trip, and review and explaining.


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