Our Christmas Turducken

A few weeks ago, the UPS truck dropped off a surprise box.  Inside the box was a styrofoam shell holding dry ice and a heavy plastic bag labeled tur duck hen.  Then we recalled a recent dinner where friends asked us whether we had tried a turducken.  We hadn’t.  And then, a turducken appeared on our porch. What a surprise!

A turducken is a partially deboned turkey filled with duck and chicken meat and a stuffing.  It’s the size of a turkey, so it feeds lots of people.  We host a family Christmas party, so we shared our turducken at Christmas.

We roasted the turducken for about four hours, checking the internal temperature.  Most of the turkey bones had been removed — only the drumstick, thigh, and wing bones remained.

Christmas Turducken
Christmas Turducken

The turducken was very well received at dinner. Most people had turducken for the first time.  Nearly all the turducken was eaten, and it went much faster than the ham.  We carved across the bird, producing slices of turkey filled with stuffing.

For future turducken roasters, be prepared to make the gravy without the turducken drippings.  Our turducken drippings were badly burnt, so they weren’t usable to make gravy.  We had planned to use drippings from a turkey roasted earlier, so we had gravy for the turducken.  Perhaps the turducken stuffing had water and sugar that dripped out and burnt. Or perhaps the drippings burnt because of the nonstick pan we used (we usually roast with an uncoated pan).


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