Abdim's stork on candelabra tree

Ngorongoro Crater

We spent an entire day in Ngorongoro Crater, rising early to be at the entrance gate before dawn, and staying until 6:00 pm. Here’s an Abdim’s stork on a candelabra tree, colored by the predawn light.

Abdim's stork on candelabra tree
Abdim’s stork on candelabra tree

Here’s the crater from the crater rim. The crater is large and flat, surrounded by steep rim walls. We would drive around the crater.

Ngorongoro Crater from entry gate
Ngorongoro Crater from entry gate

For some people, Ngorongoro Crater was the highlight of their safari.  We saw more kinds of animals that day, than we would see on any other day. Seeing an animal for the first time on safari is special, and the introduction gets you ready to see more.

Two previous posts cover a lion family and grey-crowned crane.

Zebras and more lions.  Zebras are smart and darling. The small brownish zebra is a baby. The brown fades away with age. Lion pictures include a lioness hunting in vain.

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A wildebeest mother and baby.

baby wildebeest nursing

Cape buffalo are part of the big five.

cape buffalo
cape buffalo

Africa has ostriches.  Females are brown.  When an ostrich drinks, it raises its head to drain the water down its throat.  See the drops of water dribbling from its mouth as it raises its head.  Ostriches have powerful kicks.

ostrich drinking
ostrich drinking

The critically endangered black rhino.  Indeed, we didn’t see black rhinos after leaving Ngorongoro Crater.

black rhino
critically endangered black rhino

This spotted hyena drank and then marked territory in the water, so that other animals knew it had been there. Other animals don’t associate closely with hyenas.

spotted hyena drinking
spotted hyena drinking

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5 thoughts on “Ngorongoro Crater”

    1. Yes, the black rhino was very hard to spot and see. There are six black rhinos in Ngorongoro Crater. To protect against poachers, each has a guard 24/7. Our guide is great at spotting animals. That day we had a running joke with him about black rhinos. I’ll add a post.

      Quite possible about seeing the same pride. We saw only one other group of lions with cubs/adolescents, and that pride of ten lions had several cubs. Identifying a group of animals based on the number of young seems to work. On the Serengeti we followed a young cheetah family over several days. I’ll write that up later. It will include my favorite event from the safari.


    1. Thank you. Ngorongoro is very special. When you go, be sure you get a full-day tour of Ngorongoro Crater. I’ve read accounts where some safaris pay for only a half-day entry to the Crater.


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