gambas, pulpo, paella, sangria

Seville Food

Seville had the best food on our Spain trip, where we visited Barcelona, Madrid, Segovia, Seville, and Granada.

Seville and the surrounding Andalusia province are known for jamon iberico and seafood. Andalusia straddles the Straits of Gibraltar and has access to the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Jamon Iberico

We ate jamon iberico throughout our trip, but it comes from southern Spain. This butcher at the mercado under the Metropol Parasol is slicing our jamon iberico. Talking with another customer, we learned that jamon comes from the rear leg, while the less expensive pernil comes from the shoulder. Pernil has more connective tissue so it’s stringier.

See how thinly he slices the jamon — you can see the knife through the jamon slice. Every slide is uniformly thin.

See the knife through the thin slice of jamon
See the knife through the thin slice of jamon

The butcher vacuum sealed half our purchase, allowing us to eat it several days later.

Best meal

After shopping for jamon, we walked by La Azotea restaurant to check it out and to make sure we could find it. They had just opened for lunch, and it was almost full. They had an empty table. We weren’t quite ready for lunch yet, but we took the table, figuring there’d be a line later. There was a long line later. This lunch at La Azotea turned out to be the best meal of our Spain trip.

As you can see, the food was attractively presented. It was prepared well. I wish we had written down the names of the dishes, but food was great. We ordered  grilled fish and  fish stew.

grilled fish at La Azotea
grilled fish at La Azotea

We shared the dessert, a chocolate puff filled with chocolate, with ice cream. See the decoration on the ice cream.


Best tapas

After seeing Plaza de Espana and the horse carriages, we walked toward our apartment and went to Bodega Dos de Mayo for a tapas lunch. You find a table (easier said than done) and then order from the counter. They run a tab, and you have to go back to the bar to settle the bill. We ordered mostly seafood: paella, gambas (shrimp), pulpo (octopus), and sangria.

gambas, pulpo, paella, sangria
gambas, pulpo, paella, sangria

The paella was moist and much cheaper than our meal in Barcelona. Generous portions of gambas and pulpo. These were the best tapas of our trip.

San Marco is a very good Italian restaurant, located near the Alcazar and Cathedral. We had pasta and a veal cutlet on very reasonable lunch specials.

We have fond memories of the food in Seville.


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