Alhambra at sunset

The Alhambra from the Albayzin

We arrived at the Granada train station in the afternoon and walked to our hotel, a former convent. The hotel upgraded us to a room on their lovely courtyard; this photo’s from outside our room. We would fly home from Granada, and staying at a nice place is a great way to end a vacation.

courtyard of our hotel
Courtyard of our Granada hotel

We left our cool room just before sunset to catch a bus up a hill called Albayzin. We got off at the Mirador de San Nicolas. The Mirador has a spectacular view of the Alhambra and the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains in the distance. Alhambra comes from Arabic meaning red citadel.

Alhambra at sunset
Alhambra at sunset

The Alhambra is a palace-fortress built by the Moors. The Alhambra is composed of several sets of buildings. The white hillside buildings on the left are the Generalife, the summer palace of the Nasrid kings. The hillside buildings with the large tower are the Palacios Nazaries, the Nasrid Palace. The large building with lots of windows to the right of the tower is the Palacios de Carlos V. The Spanish Carlos V built this palace after Granada fell to the Spanish. The Moors surrendered the Alhambra to the Spanish in 1492 following a long siege.

To the right of the palaces is a fortress, the Alcazaba, which protects the tip of the ridge.

The Alcazaba over Granada
The Alcazaba over Granada

We would tour the Alhambra the next day.


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