Honolulu sunset, July 31

Honolulu Sunsets

We recently returned from a week in Honolulu, Hawaii. We rented a condo overlooking the Ala Wai Boat Harbor, in Waikiki within walking distance of the Ala Moana shopping center. Waikiki’s crowded and touristy, but that’s where the short-term housing is.

We saw two sunsets during our week. Here’s the sunset from our our first evening. The sun has set and is illuminating the clouds from over the horizon. The clouds are red because they’re illuminated by red part of the sunlight. Sunlight is refracted as it passes through the atmosphere. The red light refracts the most and lights the clouds; the other colors pass over the clouds.

Honolulu sunset, July 31
Honolulu sunset, July 31

Most evenings we were out for dinner, so we saw only one more sunset. The sun hasn’t set, so the light isn’t so red yet. I like how the rays of sunlight radiate from behind the cloud. I seldom see this. Perhaps it takes moisture or dust in the air to see the sunlight.

Honolulu sunset, Aug. 4
Honolulu sunset, Aug. 4

The sun sets over the Waianae Range. They’re high and wide enough to form clouds, which makes for pretty sunsets. Both Honolulu sunsets were better than any sunsets during our week in Maui.


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