Dividing a Douglas Iris, Update

Last November we divided our douglas iris, iris douglasiana. This post provides an update nearly one year later.

The new iris plants have done very well in the past year. Every plant has survived and grown. Some of the new plants even flowered in April!

These photos were taken this October. These plants were shown in the previous post.

plants near rock
plants near rock

A second group of irises were divided and planted at the same time, and this group is more healthy than the first group near the rock. The more vigorous group gets more sun than the irises next to the rock. I expected the iris in more sun to do less well. Both groups are in the same area, and they are watered together.

plants in more sun are more vigorous
plants in more sun are more vigorous

The iris near the rock are planted higher than the others, or perhaps irises do better with more sun.


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