My First Hawk Photo

Working in the yard yesterday, I heard crows cawwing overhead. I looked up to see a soaring red-tailed hawk being mobbed by crows — apparently, crows don’t like hawks. I’ve seen this before, but never so close. A dozen times, I’ve run for a camera and telephoto lens, only to find out that the hawk had flown away, so I’d search the skies in vain.

This time I ran in and grabbed the camera with normal lens, without stopping to changes lenses. When I came back outside, the birds were gone, of course. I finally saw them far away and managed a few photos before they disappeared behind trees, never to return.

Here’s a crop from the best shot — my first hawk photo. From below, the red-tailed hawk’s tail is pale orange, and the wings are white with a black leading edge.

red-tailed hawk and crow
red-tailed hawk and crow

The crow flies above the hawk, to better dive at the hawk. Crows seem to gain altitude much faster than a hawk so they can always get the upper hand. The San Francisco newspaper reports that crows can kill the hawk in these attacks. But I root for the hawk to escape the crows.

My first hawk photo is a personal best, though far from perfect. I kept trying, and I did my best. It’s important to celebrate our achievements and personal bests, no matter how small or insignificant. This helps us hang in there and continue to learn and grow and be happy. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!


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I enjoy travel, art, food, photography, nature, California native plants, history, and yoga. I am a retired software engineer. The gravatar is a Nuttall's woodpecker that visited our backyard.

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