The Native Garden

I enjoyed this piece from a new book by Art Wolfe, a nature photographer I admire. From The Art of the Photograph by Art Wolfe and Rob Sheppard,

The Native Garden
Not all nature photographers live in the wilds. In fact, both of us live in urban areas but enjoy creating inspiring gardens. Our yards provide us with connections to the natural world as well as places to play and experiment with photography close to home.
Much of both of our gardens is based on native plants. Native plants connect you with the wild of the area you live in and have a lot to offer, including beautiful flowers thoughout the growing season. Natives also attract a variety of birds and insects, even mammals. Exotic plants can create sterile environments for interesting bugs, or be too attractive to insects and demand toxic sprays. Natives attract a balanced variety of insects, from pollinators to predators, bees to butterflies, so are less likely to attract problem insects that can take over your garden.
Once you have a garden of natural outdoor space at your home, it’s easy to set up a camera and go outside! Gardens can also be useful stress-relievers. Going out and concentrating on the amazing insects that visit the flowers in the garden can put you in a better mood, lifting your outlook on life and nature. Focusing through the camera on a composition of native flowers, or trying to follow a native bee, might just keep you grounded and thankful for the beauty of life all around us.


Here’s a photo of a woodpecker on a quercus agrilofia, coast live oak, in our backyard.

Nuttal's woodpecker
Nuttall’s woodpecker

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I enjoy travel, art, food, photography, nature, California native plants, history, and yoga. I am a retired software engineer. The gravatar is a Nuttall's woodpecker that visited our backyard.

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