Maine Road Trip

We enjoy the freedom of road trips, where we can stop for whatever catches our fancy. After a morning of shopping, we drove for lobster at the Freeport town wharf. (Food to be covered in a future post.)

Maine is famous for their lobsters. A stack of lobster traps and buoys to mark the traps stand on the dock. Looking at the top trap on the left, a lobster enters from the left, smelling the bait in the trap. The lobster walks through two funnel-shaped ramps to get to the bait on the right-hand end of the trap and can’t get back out.

lobster traps and buoys
lobster traps and buoys

Here’s a salt pond on the road back from the wharf. Tranquil. The yellow-green of the salt grass contrasts nicely with the blue water and sky. We also visited the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge, but this is prettier.

salt pond near Freeport, Maine
salt pond near Freeport, Maine

The next day we drove around looking for coastline and fall colors. (We visited New York and Maine last October.) We found that Maine has little public access to the coastline, unlike California and Hawaii, so opportunities were limited.

Looking for a display of fall colors, we stopped at the Ledge Cemetery in Yarmouth, Maine.

Ledge Cemetery, Yarmouth, ME
Ledge Cemetery, Yarmouth, ME



On the way home we saw these black and white cows called belted galloways. They’re black with a belt of white hair around their middle, and they originated in Galloway, Scotland.

belted galloways
belted galloways
belted galloway looking back
belted galloway watching me

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