Notre Dame de Paris

Last December we spent a week in Paris and then visited Christmas markets in Strasbourg, France, and Frankfurt and Nuremburg, Germany.

After checking in to our apartment in the Marais, I crossed the Seine at Île Saint-Louis and walked along the Left Bank to Île de la Cité and Notre Dame de Paris. The banks of the Seine in central Paris are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Notre Dame and Seine
Notre Dame and Seine

The bridge at the rear of Notre Dame is Pont de l’Archevêché. As a symbol of their enduring love, couples write their names on a lock, lock it to the bridge, and toss the key into the Seine.

Notre Dame from Pont de l'Archeveche
Locks on the Pont de l’Archeveche

A bride and groom pose for wedding photos at Notre Dame. Don’t be fooled by the couple — Paris in December with no sun is cold.

wedding pictures at Notre Dame
wedding pictures at Notre Dame

See the flying buttresses emerging from the sides of the cathedral. The flying buttresses absorb some of the weight of the ceiling and keep the cathedral walls upright. This permits the architect to make the walls thinner and have more windows.

Paris was mostly cloudy during our December week. We watched the weather and returned on a sunny afternoon. Here’s the front facade of Notre Dame.

west facade of Notre Dame
west facade of Notre Dame

From the interior, the alter and rose windows. The interior is high and bright, with lots of windows, enabled by the flying buttresses.


The south rose window is brightly lit by the sun’s rays.

south rose window
south rose window

The north rose window has no direct light and is darker and bluer.

north rose window
north rose window

These photos were hand-held. With a focal length of 70 mm, I increased the ISO to permit an exposure of 1/80 second at f/8.


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2 thoughts on “Notre Dame de Paris”

  1. Ah I went to France not so long back, was going to head into Paris one day but there was some electric thing with the trains so I couldn’t go 😦 Was very sad, glad you had a good time though!


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