Stadel Museum, Frankfurt

From Strasbourg we caught a train to Frankfurt. We considered Heidelberg, but chose Frankfurt for its art and shorter travel time to Nuremberg, our final destination.

We started with the Städel Museum and walked to the Christmas market. During World War II, the Städel collection was moved to Bavaria, where it was found by an American Monuments unit tracking down art.

In After the Luncheon by Renoir, the seated actress is lost in thought during a lull in the conversation, after lunch with a satisfied gentleman.

After the luncheon
After the luncheon

Vermeer’s The Geographer is one of only three paintings signed by the artist. As usual, a window on the left illuminates the room with nice shadows. Saturated colors in this picture, unlike those at other museums, where lights and reflections off glass diminished the photo. As usual, I boosted the ISO in order to obtain the right exposure, in this case 1/40 second at f/7.1.

The Geographer
The Geographer

Botticelli has a way drawing young women. According to wikipedia, Simonetta Vespucci was a great beauty beloved by the nobility of Florence despite her marriage. Per his wishes, Sandro Botticelli was eventually buried at her feet.

Simonetta Vespucci as a Nymph
Simonetta Vespucci as a Nymph

After the museum, we walked along the Main River to the city center. These bare, pollarded trees remind me of some van Gogh drawings we admired years ago. The path and trees illustrate perspective and vanishing point.

Pollarded trees along the Main River
Pollarded trees along the Main River

The Frankfurt city center is across the Main, with the Dom (cathedral) on the right. The lights on the riverbank are Christmas market stalls.

Frankfurt Christmas market  and Dom
Frankfurt Christmas market and Dom

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