old mokoro

Botswana Safari

This April we went on a safari to Botswana and Zambia. After our Tanzania safari, we wanted to do another. We used the same travel company as before and selected a safari that included the Okavango delta, the Kalahari Desert, and Chobe National Park. We had seen a BBC episode on the Okavango delta and an exhibit with Kalahari animals at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Another blogger wrote about Chobe and really liked it.

Our safari lasted 16 days, starting in Maun, Botswana, and ending at Victoria Falls in Zambia. The route is shown on the map below. Red bubbles mark the camps and lodges we stayed at, and the arrows show our travel sequence. We flew from the Kalahari to the Okavango delta, and that leg is dashed. We traveled the other legs by land cruiser or boat.

Botswana Safari Map
Our Botswana safari map

The first full day of the safari is a day-long drive from Maun to the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, and we were concerned about missing that. To get to Maun, we connected in Johannesburg, and the only flights from Johannesburg to Maun leave once a day at the same time. If the flight into Johannesburg were delayed too much, we would miss the daily flights to Maun, arrive a day late, and miss the transport to the Kalahari. As insurance, we started our trip a day early. (There’s a reason for our concern. Two years ago, our flight into Tanzania was delayed more than six hours. We missed our planned flight within Tanzania but caught a later flight the same day. But the later flight for Botswana is the next day.) As it turned out, we made all the connections and arrived in Maun a day early.

For this initial night, we stayed at the Discovery Bed and Breakfast in Maun. Operated by owners who live on the premises, it was everything we hoped for: clean, comfortable, great service, and costing almost a magnitude less than the lodge where our safari would start. We enjoyed the B&B’s thatched huts, grounds, and an old mokoro, the signature Okavango dugout canoe. Note the flat bottom and short side walls.

old mokoro
old mokoro and thatched hut

The B&B owner recommended a sunset dinner at a nearby lodge and provided transportation.

sunset dinner by the Thamalakane River
sunset dinner by the Thamalakane River

We had arrived in Botswana.


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19 thoughts on “Botswana Safari”

  1. Very envious, Botswana quickly became top of my list for African safari but we never got a chance of a FAM trip out there because it was so high end our old manager kept all those bookings to himself 😦

    Sadly don’t think I’ll manage it in my lifetime on a nurses budget (I remember how much the trips came to we used to sell….but well worth it for the amazing experience)

    Looks stunning


  2. Charlie! Your photos are marvelous; your choices among the thousands you (& we) took are perfect. The video of the cubs eating really captures the moment. I loved viewing these photos =- the trip is still so vivid in our minds, and photos really add to the memory. I could not figure out how to do Blogger; I think I’ve had too many distractions. Just loading the photos onto Shutterfly. Once we move, I’m going to teach myself Blogger. Best Vicky


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