Moremi, Day One – Babies and Rain

On the first day in the Moremi Game Reserve on our Botswana safari, it was cloudy and rainy.

In the early morning, this elephant extended its trunk toward us, to better sniff us.

elephant smelling
elephant smelling us

We saw two Burchell’s zebras nursing. Found in southern Africa, Burchell’s zebras have a light gray stripe between the black stripes on their flanks.

baby zebra nursing
baby zebra nursing
Burchell's zebra nursing
Burchell’s zebra nursing

And a baby giraffe.

baby giraffe
baby giraffe

Look at the closeup below to see a wound and scab on the left rear leg, and a bird hidden behind the tail.

baby giraffe wound
baby giraffe wound

A yellow-billed stork perched on a termite mound.

stork on termite mound
stork on termite mound

A female kudu.

female kudu
female kudu

At the end of the day, we headed back to camp early because we weren’t seeing much.

During heavy rain, low spots in the dirt roads fill with water. The game warden in the photo below tried to drive through the puddle and got stuck. He’s getting his bag from his truck before we give him a ride to the warden office. The next day our camp crew got his truck out. Dirt roads can become impassable in the wet season.

warden with stuck truck
warden with stuck truck

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