Chobe River: Birds

On our Botswana safari, after driving along the Chobe River in the morning, we took a cruise on the river in the afternoon. From the water we saw more animals than from land, and we were able to approach closer. Here are the birds from our river cruise.

This bee eater (it eats bees) is gorgeous!

white-fronted bee eater
white-fronted bee eater

The African darter and reed cormorant both dive for fish. They sun themselves frequently to dry off between dives. The feathers of the African darter don’t contain oil, so the feathers get waterlogged if they aren’t dried off often. The African darter is also called a snakebird because the head and neck looks like a snake when it swims.

African darter and reed cormorant
African darter and reed cormorant

A pair of water thick-knees walk along the shore.

spotted thick-knee
spotted thick-knee

With its long legs and toes, the African jacana walks on floating lily pads. We also saw them in the Okavango Delta.

African jacana
African jacana

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