Chobe River: Buffalo, Crocs, and Hippo

On our Botswana safari, after driving along the Chobe River in the morning, we took a river cruise in the afternoon. From the water we saw more animals than from land, and we were able to approach closer. Here are some larger animals from our cruise.

This cape buffalo wading in the river seemed calmer than ones we encountered on land.

cape buffalo in river
cape buffalo wading in the Chobe River

The Nile crocodile can grow to 6 meters. This crocodile was lounging on the river bank, posing for tourists in the passing boats.

Nile crocodile
Nile crocodile

This crocodile also let our boat approach. This photo was taken with a 400 mm lens, without cropping. The head nearly filled the frame.

Nile crocodile head
Nile crocodile head shot

This crocodile showed us its teeth.

crocodile showing us its teeth
crocodile showing us its teeth

This hippo lounged in the river, providing a resting spot for storks.

storks on hippo
storks on hippo

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