A Fancy BLT Sandwich

A highlight of summer is the seasonal fruits and vegetables. Our favorite is home-grown tomatoes, so much better than store-bought tomatoes. For several years we’ve grown two heirloom varieties (Cherokee purple and San Marzano) and a hybrid cherry tomato (Sungold). We made a fancy bacon-lettuce-tomato (BLT) sandwich following a recipe from Tasting Table. Our BLT features a Cherokee purple tomato (a large heirloom veriety) and sourdough bread from our favorite bakery.

We start with a sourdough batard from Acme Bread. Founded in Berkeley, California, by the baker for Alice Water’s Chez Panisse restaurant, Acme bakes marvelous bread and has a wholesale bakery in nearby Mountain View. Notice the crust and the large bubbles in the bread from the long rising. The crust is hard so a good bread knife helps.

Acme sourdough bread
Acme sourdough bread

Slice the bread and spread a mixture of mayonnaise, lemon zest, and lemon juice on the bread. Then heat the bread in a pan until brown.

grilled bread
grilled bread

Slice tomatoes. These are home-grown Cherokee purple tomatoes, an heirloom variety. The skin is reddish purple, with green shoulders. The interior is meaty.

Cherokee purple tomatoes
Cherokee purple tomatoes

Fry the bacon, and assemble the sandwich with the bacon, mayo spread, tomato, and lettuce.

assembled BLT
assembled BLT

This BLT did taste very good. It was fun to try, but we subsequently went back to our usual BLT with sliced whole wheat bread and mayo without the lemon. Our usual BLT is not quite as good, but it’s easier.


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