No-Knead Bread

We tried a no-knead bread recipe, and it was great. Freshly baked bread is always good. This no-knead bread has a wonderful texture, and it was easy to prepare.

Mark Bittman’s recipe from the New York Times made no-knead bread famous, and he acknowledges Jim Leahy as the person who developed the technique and recipe. We used Leahy’s recipe since it includes some useful steps that Bittman simplified away.

No-knead bread has less yeast than most bread recipes, substituting fermentation over a longer rise time. Our house is cold in the winter, so we allowed nearly a day for the rising. You bake the bread in a preheated covered pot, providing steam for the bread, like French baguettes get. Here’s the bread just out of the oven.

no-knead bread in pot
no-knead bread just out of the oven

No-knead bread has a great texture with large bubbles from the long fermentation and rise.

sliced bread shows texture
sliced bread shows texture

This was our first loaf of no-knead bread. We’ll be sure to try it again, increasing the bake time or temperature to get a darker crust.


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