Wat Arun

Above, Bangkok’s Wat Arun is a Buddhist temple with five prangs (towers). Four towers are at the corners of a square, with a central tower rising above the others. As we would later learn in Cambodia, this architecture is Khmer. Wat Arun was built in the 1800s.

These elephant statues welcome visitors. Elephants, used for battle and logging, symbolize strength. We saw many flower decorations in Thailand.

elephant statues at Wat Arun
elephant statue at Wat Arun

The central prang has several levels where people can walk around the prang. The levels connected by stairways on each axis (north, south, east, and west). The prang and stairways get progressively steeper. Below people are climbing two stairways, with one more stairway above them.

steep central prang of Wat Arun
steep central prang of Wat Arun

The prangs are faced with mosaics of Chinese porcelain. There are beautiful photos of Wat Arun at sunset, bathed in a golden glow. But the air was so hazy when we visited that we never saw a colorful sunset.

A corner prang is being renovated.

renovation in progress
renovation in progress

This crop shows two workers hoisting a piece of scaffolding. They’re standing on tubes of scaffolding. Do you see any safety harness? My hands get sweaty… The ornate decorations on the prang have much more detail than one can see from the ground.

hoisting scaffolding
hoisting scaffolding

In the bustling city that is Bangkok, Wat Arun is a relaxing place to watch the river, see the Bangkok skyline, and get an overview of the city. The opening photo of my Bangkok and Boat Transportation post was taken from the central prang of Wat Arun.


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