Thai Elephant Conservation Center – Hospital and nursery

After the elephant bath and show at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center (TECC), we visited the hospital and nursery. The mission of TECC is to care for Thai elephants, so elephants needing care are brought here from elephant camps.

This elephant had most of its tail bitten off most by another elephant.

elephant with tail bitten off
elephant with tail bitten off (click to enlarge)

Our favorite stop was the nursery, where an older female is paired with a baby.

here's looking at you
here’s looking at you (click to enlarge)

The baby is four months old and clearly likes its trainer. (click to enlarge)

baby elephant 4-month-old elephant cuddles his trainer

4-month-old baby likes bananas
4-month-old baby likes bananas

Here’s what it looks like when an elephant is reaching out to you. It does look scarey, especially if you’re caught off guard.

tip of elephant trunk
tip of elephant trunk (click to enlarge)

We enjoyed getting a close look at the elephants, which wasn’t safe in Africa. These elephants are domesticated but still large and strong. A great way to spend a morning.


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2 thoughts on “Thai Elephant Conservation Center – Hospital and nursery”

    1. Yes, this visit with the elephants was a highlight of our trip to Southeast Asia. In Africa, the elephants keep the babies in the middle of the herd, so they’re hard to see, even from a distance. It was heartwarming to see how affectionate the baby elephant was with the trainer.


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