A Morning on the Mekong

Shown above, the Mekong River is still very broad at Luang Prabang, even though it flows more than 1500 km before reaching the sea. Avoiding the afternoon heat, we took a morning boat ride up the Mekong and enjoyed the beautiful river, mountains, and countryside around Luang Prabang.

Below, a fisherman casts his net. Timber bamboo with yellowish leaves towers over the houses. A 1/200 sec exposure froze the net in midair.

fisherman casts net in Mekong
fisherman casts net in Mekong

Boats travel up and down the river and need gas. Here’s a floating gas station with two pumps.

floating gas station
floating gas station

Business must be good. This was one of several large buildings being constructed on the Mekong.

house under construction
house under construction

The Pak Ou Caves are in a karst hill on the river. The caves and assorted Buddha statues are forgettable; this view of the river is the best part.

Mekong River from Pak Ou Caves
Mekong River from Pak Ou Caves

We shared the boat with a Swiss couple who had just arrived in Luang Prabang after a two-day boat ride down the Mekong from the Thai border. They enjoyed their two days on the river and repeated this stretch of the Mekong, which they said was the prettiest.

We enjoyed our morning on the Mekong. The boat doesn’t go very fast, so you have to relax while waiting to see what’s around the bend.


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