Sunset at Prasat Bakong

Also part of the Roluos Group, Prasat Bakong was built in the late 9th century, after Lolei. We were able to photograph a monk friend of our guide at Prasat Bakong, and our guide bought bananas from a host of children at the end of the day, making their day.

Like Lolei, Bakong has brick towers, but the brick towers are around the perimeter of the Bakong. The doorway of the tower is solid.

The center of Bakong is a series of raised platforms connected by stairs through doorways. These are dressed with sandstone, which is more attractive and durable than brick.

doorway and stairs of sandstone
doorway and stairs of sandstone

Here the footrest is in the shape of a lotus leaf.

lotus footrest
lotus footrest

Next the monk faces the setting sun and the single tower at the center of Bakong. The tower was added several centuries after Bakong was built. As you’ll see in a later post, this tower is similar to the central tower at Angkor Wat.

sunset at Prasat Bakong (click to enlarge)
sunset at Prasat Bakong (click to enlarge)

A host of children were selling bananas with great persistence as we photographed the sunset. Our guide told the children that he’d buy bananas from the children who had asked him first. Below is our guide is reviewing the order in which the children had asked him to buy bananas, starting with the first one. I still remember the girl saying “I numbah three!”

I numbah three!
I numbah three!

In the end, I think our guide bought the bananas from all the children. We photographed the sunset in peace, our guide showed us how to talk to local people, the children sold their wares at the end of the day, and our guide’s friend had many bunches of bananas to share. A good ending for a long day; we had a morning shoot before dawn that day.


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