Siem Reap Road Trip

We got an early start on our road trip from Siem Reap, headed for a temple 40 km away. Driving east, we saw the orange ball of the sun through the windshield — another beautiful sunrise in Cambodia.

We stopped for pictures, but the orange was fading. Ten minutes later, only the reflection of the sun in the roadside drainage ditch is orange. The shimmering reflection brings to mind Monet’s Impression, Sunrise. Ripples in the water interrupt the reflection, creating an interesting pattern of solids and speckles.

reflection of sun is more orange than sun
reflection of sun is more orange than sun

Around 7:00 am on this Monday morning, we passed several restaurants preparing for wedding celebrations, with people gathering and carrying trays of food. We were surprised to see so many wedding celebrations early on the same morning. Our Cambodian driver told us there are auspicious days for weddings; it must be been a very good day.

wedding prep at 7 am
people gathering for a wedding celebration
wedding photo
wedding photo at a second restaurant

Our van is driving on the left side of the road to pass a wide truck. The oncoming motorcycle has moved to the edge of the pavement because we’re driving on his side of the road. This is normal in Cambodia, where drivers go where they can and stay out of the way of larger vehicles.

passing a truck in Cambodia
passing a truck in Cambodia

The motorcycle rider is wearing a hat, not a helmet. Many motorcyclists wear helmets, and we noticed two helmets laying on the road. Perhaps, some motorcyclists didn’t strap their helmet on, so the helmet flies off?

Many houses are built on stilts. We visited Siem Reap during the dry season. The area is very flat so drainage could be an issue in the rainy season.

house on stilts
house on stilts

A Buddhist monk on a long truck is speaking with an amplified public address system.

monk on truck
monk on truck

On our road trip we were able to see a slice of life in Cambodia.


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