Hanoi’s Old Quarter

After being taken for a ride in Siem Reap and Hanoi on the same day, for the next two days we only walked from our hotel in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, seeing narrow streets and narrow buildings, a gate from the old city wall, and Hoan Kiem Lake. In the above view from our hotel room, compare the buildings to the cars below, and you’ll see some five-story buildings are as wide as a car-length.

Hanoi’s Old Quarter has narrow streets and buildings like many old cities, but Hanoi permits fairly tall buildings in the Old Quarter. A narrow, ten-story building, wrapped in green, is going up across the street from our hotel. Looking down to the street, notice that building is about as wide as two motor scooters. A few blocks away, through the gap between the buildings, is Hoan Kiem Lake, obscured by light rain.

10-story building going up
10-story building going up

The East Gate is the only surviving gate from Hanoi’s medieval wall. The street is striped for two-way traffic. The gate is too narrow for two-way traffic, so vehicles and pedestrians take turns going through.

Hanoi's East Gate
Hanoi’s East Gate

This couple posed for pictures at Hoan Kiem Lake, next to the Old Quarter.

photos at Hoan Kiem Lake
photos at Hoan Kiem Lake

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