Anchorage to Denali

After seeing the Anchorage Museum and picking up a rental car, we drove along the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, seeing the Cook Inlet and Anchorage in the distance.

Anchorage and Cook Inlet
Anchorage and Cook Inlet

We shopped at Costco, an American big-box store similar to Europe’s Auchan. Joining a crowd of people around a fish case, we talked to a  woman who was waiting to buy shrimp. The raw shrimp in the case are red; she said they’re very sweet and a good price. An Anchorage resident, they have a boat so they can catch shrimp, but they’d spend more on gas for the boat than buying the shrimp at Costco! She told us about moose coming into their yard to munch on their plants. Even though we were staying in a hotel, we bought some shrimp to try. We heated water in a microwave oven and plunged the shrimp into the boiling water for a minute. Shown below, they are really sweet!

Alaskan shrimp
Alaskan shrimp

The next day we drove to Denali National Park. Stopping at lookouts along the way, we hoped to see Denali, the mountain, but there were clouds blocking the summit, which is normal for summer. Our best view of the mountain is shown above. For the many people for whom clouds block the peak, the park service thoughtfully provided this display at the lookout showing the mountain without clouds.

annotated photo of Denali
annotated photo of Denali

Here’s our first dinner at the rented Denali house: baked sockeye salmon, green salad, sourdough bread, and boiled shrimp. We bought a whole salmon and the shrimp at the Anchorage Costco, so we also bought an ice chest to keep them cool on the drive to Denali.

salmon and shrimp dinner at Denali house
salmon and shrimp dinner at Denali house

In Anchorage we had excellent dinners at the Glacier Brewhouse and Moose’s Tooth Pub and Pizzeria, and we enjoy staying in for dinner for our first night at Denali.


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