Denali: Caribou

Riding the Denali Wonder Lake bus, we saw caribou, which are similar to reindeer. From the bus, we also saw grizzly bears and moose.

These two caribou are hiding in the brush. 😉 We stopped to quietly look at them, but they probably didn’t see us.

2 caribou hiding in the brush
2 caribou hiding in the brush

Driving back to the visitor center, we saw an encounter of a male caribou and a half-dozen hikers. First, the caribou (shown above) was grazing. Then it walked down the road, when it saw  hikers in the brush on the left. The caribou turned toward the hikers. In waist-high brush, they wouldn’t be able to outrun a caribou. Fortunately for the hikers, the caribou walked away from the hikers. After the caribou left, all the hikers gratefully piled onto the bus. They had seen enough wildlife and were happy to ride the bus.


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