Denali Midnight Sunset and Sled Dogs

As far north as Reykavik, Iceland, and Trondheim, Norway, Denali had 19 hours of daylight during our visit in early July. The sun set very slowly in the north, giving us more time to enjoy the sunset and take photos. The next day we saw ranger sled dogs and Denali views on our drive back to Anchorage.

We stayed up late and watched the sunset on our last night in Denali, since we weren’t waking up early for the Wonder Lake bus. The sun set at 11:31 pm, but at midnight a distant hill to the south was still lit. By 12:10 am, a few clouds were lit. By 12:33 clouds to the north were red.

The best sunset scene was at 12:35 am, one hour after sunset. The photo below is taken to the northwest; the sun is to the right. Denali is so far north that the sun set to the north.

sunset clouds at 12:35 am
sunset clouds at 12:35 am

The next morning we saw a sled dog demonstration put on by the park rangers. Rangers use sleds and dogs to patrol the park in the winter.

sled dog demo
sled dog demo

Here’s a video of the dogs being harnessed to the sled and the sled drawn by the dogs. The dogs get excited when they’re ready to pull the sled.

Driving back to Anchorage that day, we stopped at the south vista point and walked up the hill for this great view of Denali without clouds.

Denali from South View trail
Denali from South View trail

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