A Treat After Brooks Falls

Our return from Brooks Falls to Anchorage on our Alaska vacation turned out to be a real treat. After a float plane ride, our small plane flew up a glacier-carved valley surrounded by towering mountains with glaciers in the Lake Clark National Park and Preserve.

We flew over over Lake Clark and up a valley with tall mountains on the left and right. The altimeter on the left reads 2520′; the one on the right says 2650′!

To the right of the propeller, a glacier is nestled in the mountain peaks.

glacier among mountain peaks
glacier among mountain peaks

In the far mountains, another glacier is carving out a distant valley. The river below is milky-white from rock flour, formed by the glacier scouring the mountain as it moves downhill.

glacier-carved valley
distant glacier moving downhill and its milky meltwater

A hanging glacier of blue ice is on our right side. The glacier starts high and comes down a steep mountainside of the valley we’re flying through. The glacier ice is blue because the weight of the glacier pressed out the air from the ice and resulting pure water absorbs red light, so the resulting light is blue.

flying up a valley with glaciers on both sides
flying up a valley with glaciers on both sides

Here’s a long glacier that carved itself a valley as it wound between mountains.

glacier winding its way down a valley
glacier winding its way down a valley

Yet another hanging glacier of blue ice.

hanging glacier
hanging glacier

Our flight through the Lake Clark NP was a complete surprise, with so many blue glaciers and glacier-carved valleys. A great way to end our stay at Brooks Falls.

Our pilot is an Alaska native. We asked him about glaciers and global warming. He told us that there are glaciers that are shrinking and others that are growing. He doesn’t believe in global warming.


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