A Hawk Across the Street

Sunday while working in the yard, I glanced up and saw a hawk in a tall redwood tree across the street. Like other hawk sightings, I ran inside to get a camera, and I even got back before the bird flew the coop. This is a young, red-tailed hawk. They like to hunt “by watching from a high perch, then swooping down to capture prey in its talons.”

Seconds after I snapped the photo above, the hawk flew off

red-tailed hawk in flight
red-tailed hawk in flight (click to enlarge)

and landed in another redwood tree down the street. The hawk has a dark mark on the leading edge of the wing and a pale outer wing, characteristics of juvenile red-tailed hawks, per Sibley Guide to Birds.

red-tailed hawk walking on branch
red-tailed hawk walking on branch (click to enlarge)

Coast redwoods (sequoia sempervirens) are tall, California natives. Some individuals are the world’s tallest trees (reaching up to 379 feet (115.5 m) in height), but these trees are perhaps 100 feet tall.


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I enjoy travel, art, food, photography, nature, California native plants, history, and yoga. I am a retired software engineer. The gravatar is a Nuttall's woodpecker that visited our backyard.

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