Sunday Stroll in the Marais

On a Sunday morning we strolled through the Marais district of Paris, as we did two years ago. People were out on sunny day, and the streets are closed to cars, turning the neighborhood into a large pedestrian zone.

We started at the Marché de la Bastille, a farmers market anchored by the Place de la Bastille. Above, this marble fountain in the middle of the market is a good place. We bought crêpes at the stand on the left. We were tempted by the roast suckling pig on the other side of the fountain, stopping several times, but we eventually decided to pass. The July column in the center of the Place is in the background.

The Place des Vosges is the “oldest planned square in Paris”. “Originally known as the Place Royale, the Place des Vosges was built by Henri IV from 1605 to 1612. A true square (140 m × 140 m), it embodied the first European program of royal city planning. … The housefronts were all built to the same design … of red brick with strips of stone quoins over vaulted arcades that stand on square pillars.” Click on any photo to see an enlargement.

a 140-meter-long arcade
a 140-meter-long arcade

We purchased gifts of tea at Dammann Frères. Police with tommy guns guarded a synagogue.

The many clothing stores of rue des Francs Bourgeois were open on Sunday. I found old doorways and corner towers more interesting.

We walked to the Picasso Museum and asked if the paintings were open. Although the museum had just reopened after years of renovation, the floor with paintings was closed. 😦 The floors with Picasso’s sculptures were open, but instead we decided to see the Luxembourg Garden that afternoon.

Sunday is a great time to stroll through the Marais — people, shops and old buildings in a pedestrian zone.


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2 thoughts on “Sunday Stroll in the Marais”

    1. Warm memories. Yes, the same stand makes galettes and crêpes. We liked the crêpes and wanted to capture that memory, but the guys at the stand told other people “no photos”. The fountain would be refreshing spot in the summer, but April in Paris was cold, as usual.

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