Paris Food

Manifestation” the Paris bus driver said when we asked if his bus would go to Saint Paul. Manifestation is way beyond our “speak-a-little” French, but the English word hints at negative consequences. We asked “Métro?”, and the driver nodded his head. Holding bags of groceries purchased from Auchan at Porte de Bagnolet, we planned to return to our apartment on the 76 bus without a transfer. Instead, we took two métro trains, lugging our bags up and down stairs at each stop.

After internet searches, we learned there was a demonstration in Paris that day, and buses were avoiding the demonstration. And our French vocabulary grew — manifestation.

Seeing, choosing and eating local food are pleasures of travel. To provision apartment stays, we shop at Auchan in Paris and Rome, just as we shop at Costco in California, Hawaii, Montana, and Vancouver. Above are some souvenirs from our Auchan shopping trip: sardines in extra virgin olive oil and confit de canard.

Our first dinner in Paris was a picnic in our apartment: from the top, levain bread, beets, mozzarella balls, lettuce, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, water, red wine, butter, terrine de campagne, and port du salut cheese.

dinner: terrine, salad, levain bread
dinner: terrine, salad, levain bread

We shopped most often at Monoprix, which has a much better selection and prices than the closer Franprix and G29 stores. The Monoprix terrine was especially good, better than Auchan‘s.

We ate a nice lunch at Bouillon Racine, a pretty restaurant (more in a future post) near the Cluny Museum. The cream of mushroom soup was outstanding, tasting and smelling like mushrooms from the forest. The duck leg was also very good. After the museum, we barely got to the restaurant by 3:00 to take advantage of their formule midi, a weekday lunch special similar to the menu del dia we discovered in Madrid.



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