Thalys Through Brussels

To travel from Paris to Amsterdam on our April vacation, we purchased tickets on the Thalys train. The Thalys is the simplest, fastest, cheapest transportation between Paris and Amsterdam.

After the bombing at the Brussels airport and reading that the terrorists live near Brussels, we checked the routing of the Thalys and learned that it passes through Brussels. The shootings in the California city of San Bernardino show that no place is safe from terror. We decided to ride the Thalys as planned.

When we arrived at the Gare du Nord station in Paris, security was on our mind. Several groups of 3-5 police patrolled the entry hall. This police station opened in the station last April. A metal barrier keeps people away from the door of the police station.

la poste de police at Gare du Nord
la poste de police at Gare du Nord

Before boarding the train, security people checked luggage and people. The Thalys stopped in Brussels. The station name, Bruxelles midi, is visible above the platform.

Thalys at Bruxelles midi station
Thalys at Bruxelles midi station

Our April ride on the Thalys was uneventful, as expected. Arriving in Amsterdam, we focused on buying a transit card and catching a tram to our next apartment. But we thought about safety before and during our ride on the Thalys.


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5 thoughts on “Thalys Through Brussels”

    1. My family traveled through Paris and Brussels weeks after the Brussels bombings. I think it’s worthwhile to report that the French take train security seriously.
      Your heart attack rate is too high. In the US, 35% of people 75+ died of heart disease, with lower rates for younger people. You’re right about our eating habits. My wife and I are exercising more and eating healthier — such as cutting back on fried food like french fries — to better enjoy the best five years of the rest of our lives.


      1. I really don’t know who you refer to when you say “your heart attack rate is too high”.

        Just wanted to put the security concerns into perspective. The State Department’s travel alert for ALL of Europe is causing more damage than any terrorist could. The number of heart attacks as a result of such drastic warnings has probably killed more people than all the attacks in Europe during the past decade combined.


  1. I was referring to “Most people still die in their sleep from a heart attack”. I interpreted more to be more than half, but I could be wrong. Natural language is imprecise.

    Thanks. I had no idea about the State Department travel alert.


  2. I exaggerated, of course. But only slightly. Cardiovascular diseases cause ~30% of deaths world wide. The greatest danger you are facing when travelling through France and Belgium is second-hand smoking. I hope State Department will warn about that, too. In the meantime, if you’re worried about gun violence, I would avoid Florida. Well, all of USA, actually.


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