Amsterdam Food

In Amsterdam we hoped for food that was unique and a specialty of the Netherlands, but we happily settled for seafood.

We walked by this herring stand in Konigsplein every day.

Frens Haringhandel, Konigsplein
Frens Haringhandel, Konigsplein

We bought fried cod and a herring sandwich for dinner at our apartment. As you can see, we ate the herring as a sandwich with the herring inside the bread, instead of the local custom of eating the raw fish by itself.

We enjoyed the mussels and fish so much at The Seafood Bar on the Spui

fish and mussels at The Seafood Bar
fish and mussels at The Seafood Bar

that we went back to splurge on the fruits de mer platter and a fish. The fruits de mer is very attractive, but after eating this, I learned I prefer my seafood cooked and hot.

fruits de mer and fish
fruits de mer and fish

Walking through the outdoor Albert Cuyp Market on a Saturday morning, we had some excellent cod that was freshly fried for each order.

A nearby stand made and sold stroopwafels, a waffle sandwich with a caramel-like syrup. Sweeter than we normally like, a warm, freshly baked waffle was good on a chilly morning. With the syrup threatening to run out of the waffle onto my hand, I didn’t take a picture of the waffle, but here’s the stand with customers massed in front.

Stroopwafel stand
stroopwafel stand

We tried rijsttafel, an Indonesian dish composed of bowls of rice and many side dishes, at Sama Sebo, which had a high rating. But the rijsttafel was expensive, and we didn’t much care for the flavors.


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