Courthouse Towers and Windows

On the second morning of our southwest parks road trip, we saw Courthouse Towers and the Windows, an area of Arches National Park with several large arches. That Friday, roads were closed for construction until 7 am, an hour past sunrise, so we missed the dawn light.

Courthouse Towers

Entering the park, we stopped at Courthouse Towers, a collection of red-rock towers that resemble skyscrapers.

Our primary destination for the morning was the Windows, dominated by a large fin with the North Window and South Window arches.

We visited the nearby Turret Arch first.

Turret Arch

Below the main arch of Turret Arch frames North Window and South Window. The much smaller arch to the right would have a great view, but the fin was too tall and steep to climb in my hiking boots.

North Window and South Window from Turret Arch

From the Park visitor’s guide, “‘Windows’ are arches that are particularly large, are located on a high wall or fin, or ‘frame’ a particularly scenic view beyond”. North and South Windows are large.

South Window
North Window

Back at the parking lot a ranger told us that the Devil’s Garden area of the Park was open that day and the long weekend. With several arches and interesting terrain, Devil’s Canyon is very popular, but it was scheduled to be closed for road work beyond our visit. The Park Service surprised us by opening it for the Memorial Day weekend. 🙂 Hoping to beat the crowds, we headed for Devil’s Garden.


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