Devil’s Garden

After seeing the Windows at Arches National Park, we hiked the Devil’s Garden Trail to Landscape Arch and Double O Arch. Shown above, Landscape Arch is the fifth-longest arch in the world, with a span of 290 feet (88 m).

The trail to Landscape Arch is short (1.6 mi./2.6 km) and easy. The trail stopped here, well back from the arch, due to rockfalls. “The most recent recorded rockfall events occurred in the 1990s when one large slab fell (1991) and then two additional large rockfalls occurred (1995).” I wonder if the boulders in the foreground came from the rockfalls?

Landscape Arch

The hike onward to Double O Arch is an additional 2.6 miles/4.2 km. The park service rates this trail as difficult — “more challenging as it climbs over sandstone slabs. Footing is rocky; there are narrow ledges with exposure to heights.”

Devil’s Garden has many parallel fins, and the trail starts by walking up a fin. To get a sense of the scale of these fins, click on the photos. In the left photo, the speck on the rock above the trail is a person. Fins can wear down from the top, like the fin in these photos; some fins collapse in the middle and become arches.

Double O Arch is a big arch above a smaller arch. Here’s Double O Arch from the front. Climb the 6-foot-high lip to get through the arch.

Double O Arch

The reward is this view from the back side of the arch — a great spot for lunch.

backside of Double O Arch with surrounding fins

This detail from the above photo shows parallel fins and hikers on a fin.

fins through Double O Arch

Here’s the view from the trail on that fin; Double O Arch is on the right. For perspective, see the hikers on the fin and the trees on the way to Double O Arch. Most people stopped here and missed the view out through the arch.

Devil’s Garden Trail near Double O Arch

The hike back took some care. By then there was a strong wind across the fin, where I had to think about bracing myself against the wind. Poles would have helped.

Devil’s Garden Trail — an interesting hike to some great views. We were so lucky that the park service was able to open the road for the long weekend.


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