Tesla Model 3 Unveiling

The Tesla Model 3 was unveiled to the public today at the Tesla showroom at Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, California. “The Tesla Model 3 is a mid-size all-electric four-door luxury sedan manufactured and sold by Tesla, Inc. According to Tesla officials, the standard Model 3 delivers an EPA-rated all-electric range of 220 miles (350 km)”. The list price is 35,000 USD, and 325,000 reservations were placed in the first month.

With little publicity, the Model 3 was made available to the public today at Tesla showrooms in Palo Alto and Los Angeles.  We reserved two Model 3s early on the first morning that Tesla accepted reservations. 

Earlier in the morning there was less of a crowd.

Tesla Model 3 at Stanford Shopping Center

The interior is minimal with no gauges in front of the driver. The 15″ monitor between the driver and passenger is displaying a map showing the location of the car in Palo Alto. The woman in blue is a reporter filming a news segment for the local ABC television station; a friend saw us on television today. We declined an interview by the local CBS station.

spare interior with 15″ monitor

The front seats were comfortable, but the rear seats were too low for comfort.

Without the engine, there’s a small front trunk, along with a rear trunk.

All-electric cars need a charge port. It’s located on the side of the driver’s taillight. The charge-port door opens and closes with a gentle push.

charge port on the side of the driver’s taillight

The car’s nose protrudes more than the lower part where we might expect a bumper. The body is aluminum alloy. There’s no place to mount a front license plate, which California requires. A salesperson told me that the Tesla service center can install a front license plate holder.

aluminum alloy body with steel reinforcement

We like the styling except for the minimal interior with everything on the monitor in the center. Drivers are used to watching the speedometer in front of them, so the speedometer to the right will take some getting used to. Initial reviews such as this Road and Track article published today have been good.

The Model 3 is new, and initial deliveries have lagged the initial schedule. I asked how many Model 3s have been produced. The vehicle identification number  at the front edge of the windshield indicates this was the 3,345th Model 3 registered.

VIN shows this is the 3345th Model 3

We plan to purchase the standard Model 3. The initial production is for the $49,000 version with more range and premium features. Our current delivery date is the first half of 2018 so we’re looking forward to a delivery around June.


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